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If you are anything like me, you are adept at pushing away your feelings; hiding or ignoring them. That causes problems. Accumulated hurt, sadness, frustration, avoidance, fear causes anxiety, headaches, sleep deprivation, and so many other conditions that there would be no space to list them all. It aggravates existing conditions.

One way to prevent these problems and to heal from them is to allow feelings to rise. Dig through the muck and allow them to surface. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling in the moment.

Sounds easy, yet I know it is not. It is scary. It’s hard. It can be overwhelming. There is too much to sift through and the burden can seem too hard to bear. …

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Author’s Own

When preparing to pitch my book to agents, a question that comes up often is that of comparative titles. It is hard for me to answer that in relation to the story I have written. Lonely Dove is about love and soulmates, as well as culture. The protagonist, Anjali, is of Indian origin. She was raised in Colombia and moved to New York City to go to college. I included magical elements, although my writing is grounded and practical.

For me, the better approach is “If you like X, you’ll like my book.” …


Sonee Singh

Writer, Wellness Aficionado, Registered Aromatherapist™, cross-cultural seeker of deep knowing. I’m writing a novel: Lonely Dove. My poetry book comes in 2021.

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