Author’s Own: Peonies flower of compassion
Author’s Own

I wish I had the certainty of knowing

I was doing the right thing

Headed in the right direction

I think of others who seem to move

Plant each step that comes

Firmly cementing their path

And then I remember

Oh no I’m not meant to compare

Everyone is on their own journey

I get back to the task I set for myself

Organize my notes into one source

Delineating where to find what

As if I were drawing a map

But it’s too rigid to account for the sudden storm

Does not account for the impending hail

White pellets…

Sonee Singh

Writer, Wellness Aficionado, Registered Aromatherapist™, cross-cultural seeker of deep knowing. I’m writing a novel: Lonely Dove. My poetry book comes in 2021.

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