Aug 1

Author’s Own

Spent my whole life trying to be anything but

Only to realize that we are all the same

What’s wrong with being common?

Aren’t we all cut from the same cloth?

Even though we all have our frays and rips

And a few shreds here and there

That means we…



May 8

Author’s Own

We went flower picking this morning

Just my mom and I

As we often did

When I was a kid

When I used to frolic in the grass

Not giving a care

That a dandelion was a weed

Today wasn’t remotely the same

We didn’t frolic in the grass




Apr 18

Author’s Own

Snow is still falling

Blanketing emerging shoots

Dusting white onto branches

Extinguishing buds before they’re able

To greet the sun

I want to grab

A giant broom

Sweep it all away

Vacuum up the cold

Wipe away the clouds

Let in the warmth

That makes life possible

Allows growth and…



Sonee Singh

Sonee Singh

Writer, poet, author, avid reader,cross-cultural seeker of deep knowing. My novel: Lonely Dove. My poetry books: Embody, Embrace, Embolden